modeling and make up geek

Peopol, as you know i am not a lazie bed teddie girl; i am a worksing teddie bear girl too, an my pwofesssunnnna is photo-model!


Recentlies i had a blog posted, where i was showsing muh skills wif a dear fwend of mine, the famous Sue Zuki.

Today, i will abductlies you all, to see me in a beary spechial photoshoot… where no man has gone beforer *giggles* one where a lot of make up had to be useds in an most artistic way!


Some peopol might consider it geeky, others simply made of awesome… it is an homage to the actress Whoopi Goldberg, in her role in the Paramount TV show  Star Trek The Next Generation…. you know the one wif Captain Jean-Luc Picard and William T. Riker?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One Response to “modeling and make up geek”

  1. Such lovely pictures again! you make a very convincing Guinon Sweetie 😀

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