cuties shroomies


you wouldnt believes it wot sweet cuties widdles there are… but they too are therer, but you has to be beary aware of where to wooks, an take your time, especullies in our hectomaniac world…. 


and then you can discovers, the most cuties, tinies shroomies!

1312shroomies1wooksie! wif me!!! into this magic pottie *blushel-lushel*

see those owange widdles ???. giggle not meeeheee, insides the pot … seeheeee? those are minie tinie schroomies growsing despite the cold BaBeraian Tundra weathur, dems are so brave, wight? wight! and there is morer of them therer too, wooksie!

1312shroomies2how many owange shroomies can you spot in that pot? *giggles*

i cannot helps muself, shroomies kinda kiss my heart an make feel all widdles an an an cutied out wike,  

1307riverette-pilzbut i am not the only one, because them dwarfs and elves also wubs dems mushrooms…









2 Responses to “cuties shroomies”

  1. beautiful! and such cute baby mushrooms! I had a mushroom breakfast this week, such coincidence 😀 Have a wonderful day Sweetie! ❤

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