hot bikes are following me!


some of you may asks yourselfer, how come that teddie doucette gets to poses with so many fifferent hot motor-bikes an stuff?


That is because they are following me everybear! *giggles* fun pun! everybear is everywhere wif bear in it *giggles morer*

defensewall3-44posings on the defense wall from the 15th centuwy…

defensewall3-45bellow me a blue quad-bike is watchesing me!

13-auto-bike08-1driving to the groceries store? the motor-bike is awaitins me!

1308_bike-17488during the county fair… a BMW stalks me openlies!


selling stuff on a flea market, the black bike drives by to stay!

Maybe, it is because bear and bike have so much in common though? both are non ugly 4-letter words starting with b, consisting of two vowels and two consonants… wight? wight! that must be it!



2 Responses to “hot bikes are following me!”

  1. you look so tiny and sweet at the side of these giants, but I must admit they must be following you. There is no other reasonable explanation… 😀

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