Nativity Scene & Meeeeeee


i was so happsy to poses in a Nativity Scene… when we were at the artisan fair in early Novemburrrr


herer i was playing cat on the hot tin roof….

13rothpete22and here i was just sweetly sitting under a palm tree

wots mostest amazing with all these nativity scene equipment? it is all hand-made by an artisian and still so inexpensives!!!! 

should you be interested in any of the shown pieces you can send a mail to muh Daddy ( abouts it…. but dont send one to request the bear… i am not for sale!!!!!






2 Responses to “Nativity Scene & Meeeeeee”

  1. how amazing, it almost seems like it has been made for you, and so much love to details! thanks for sharing Sweetie! ❤

    • it was quite the temtatunnnna too, but i resisted an didnt buy me some… this time anyway *giggles* – i am savsing up my mola cuz before dem holidays Daddy promisesed me a trip to the dwug stowe !!!!!!

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