DIY: dressing the holiday tree (pt.2)


finullie it is yule and christmas and so it’s time we gets our twee finishesed up so we can get all them prezzies and stuff, wight? wight! Last time we did the gold stuff, now we need to add the red festoons…


firster you need to dive into the box wif dem decoratunnns, *giggle*

and therer you take your pick…


13yuletree-deko2-16122drag the garland onto the tree, but be carefuls not to get 

accidently tied to the tree yourselfer!



13yuletree-deko2-16124unwind the garland and tidielie wrap it onto them branches of your twee!

just exactlies, wike meeheee!! *giggle-fit*

13yuletree-deko32in the end your twee will wooks sumfing wike this: beautimous!!!

13yuletree-deko31Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule & Happy Holidays

says doucette,

to all my fwends an fans an families

Mommy, Daddy, Goggies, Kitties and Bearsies

wubs you!!!!!



2 Responses to “DIY: dressing the holiday tree (pt.2)”

  1. you are so sweet, a new word should be invented like “Dousupersweet”, love your pictures! ❤

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