300 & January 2014 Theme Month on my blog


i am so amazed. No two years ago i started this blog journey, talking about my life an also my modelling quest. Todays blog is the 300th! Fwee Hundwed blog posties fwom widdles meeeheeee! it is time to celubrate!


Fankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for sticking wif me, an reading, liking an commentings. It means a whole wot to me, uhu, 300 times wots and morer wike, wight? wight!

make-up-lipstickcelubrating wif lollipops and lip gloss *giggles*

Of coursie being around this prolificullies is also a huges responsibilitie, and i take that beary seriouslie! So i started thinking, and i thunked and thunked, how do i wanna celubrate this achievement. Of course glitterbombing Daddy came to mind *giggles morer* 


But after that i had an awesome-sauce idea how to share my celubratunnns wif you, my fans, friends and followers… 

licht - lampe

i am gonna dedicate the whole month of January 2014 blogging to a colorful, an tasty topic: FOOD!!! This way, you can read and watches all bouts yummilicious stuffs, and kinda have a huges celebratunnn dinner wif me. Arent you all happsies now? I suwa am!


Peas, Cawots, Potatoes aside some Liver..

 a fir cone & me, but we two are not to be eaten...*giggle friggle*



2 Responses to “300 & January 2014 Theme Month on my blog”

  1. Congratulations Sweetie! This is such an achievement and so much cuteness and lovely pictures and sweet little you! But you know what? I can´t get enough! so looking forward to seeing your foodie series! ❤

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