Happy New Year!


another year is ending an the new is about to begin. Time to take a quick sneak peek behind ….

curtsiesDaddy & me: me doing them curtsies & Daddy making faces *giggles*

 Fankuuuu for visitins, readins, likins and commentings on muh blogs… I even has been given an awesumsauce recognitunnn for my blogsing, in this beautimous Award fru Everything Beauty-Full LaBelleStudio:


From the laudatio: I am honored to announce that your blog has won the blog of the year 2013 award. You do not need to take any further steps than receiving it since it is so late already. Congratulations and have a wonderful year 2014! (it begins really well :D) 

13-storage-boxes11dancedancing all happsie wike!!!

i was dances-pances happilies all over the place. i cannot fanku enuff – it totally means the world to me…

globus gold anim

2013 for suwa, was an interesting year

And now that 2014 is almost here, 

say it wif me, an says it wif a cheer:

the best is yet to come, 

so happsy new year!




3 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy new year Sweetheart and congratulations again ❤ 😀

  2. Hello! Happy New Year to you guys! all the best for the new Year!!!! Love and hugs Laura

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