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fry me a wiener

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yes, you hearded that wight peopol

 this is not so you can cry me a river, instead you bettur fry me a wiener *giggle-lots* 

if you add onions, potatoes and cheese to the pan, it will be so awesumsauce, you will wish to jump right in!


seeheee? i can hardly contain muhself.. i wunna jump wight in!


there may be peopol claimsing, this food was too much on the fat or heavy side….


but wif winter taking its grip on us, we do need some extra energy so we dont fall victim to colds an germs an stuff, wight? wight!


of course you can always try to keep warm and healthy wif aroma therapy but twust me, the pan i describsed above is way more yummsie!

so all you need is some wieners or hot-dogs, slize them up, make minicubes of potatoes and onions and fry them wif some oil or butter. at the end add some cheese and let it melt all over the place… 

14food-wurstkaese-pfanneif you wanna you can use soy/vegeterian “hot-dogs” yumsilicious!

and finullies: yumms it up (but dont burn your mouf!)






how to get preBEARsed for winturrrr: pt. 2: stocking up on food

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i can totallies understands your impatunnns, to know how to get even morer preBEARsed so you dont get caught by winter wifout hasing pwotected yourselfer beforehands. We talksed about how you can survive evuns beary cruel winter times in general in my last blog,


make suwa you has a variety of vegetable oils and herbs/spices

but i pwomised to tells you all about stocking up food for even longer periods of hiBEARnatunnna, and so we will just start it up. It would be prudent if you thought in advance wot kinda supplies you will need food wise. A meditatunnna in a hot tub is well advised… and speaking of it, having a stockpile of candles will make winter indoors a lot less stressful too…


Fresh fruit against rotten times, is always a good idea. Some fruit and veggies are more durable than othurs, so rather go wif those kinds that will ripen up slowly on your stock and promise to keep you vitminized for as long as possuble. this will keep you in good spirits and ward off colds and othur wintur miseries!


garlic and onions are immune system boosters & thus a must have  & fruit that are orange to red generally have the ACE vitamins you so beary much need


Make also suwa you have loads of durable food in your stock: consensed milk, canned meat and fish etc, 


as well as basics like flour, grains and sugar (plus baking agent and honey)


Peanut butter, chocolate, herbal teas, rice & pasta as well as canned berries and fruit will enrich your dishes once the fresh stuff and butter run out…


while a well filled fridge can provide a nice variety on bacon, and cheese especially during shorter yet hefty winter epidodes



Once morer howeburrr the canned varieties of wieners/hot-dogs as well as rich pasta sauces are wot you wanna stock up big time, and dont forget to get yourself a variety and quantity of durable fruit juice because in the long run this will become your main focus of food supplies


Do not forget to also stock enough food for your furry friends in your house-hold. Make suwa you have a nice variety of wet food and dry food so thems furries can be all happsy wike too!

14-food-brotkaese-schrank11Woosking awound your groceriy stores, you might find there are breads and cheeses and sauces that are quite durable as well and great in taste on top. Invest in those as well, so you can keep a wide variety of food groups and not miss out too much when locked in your home due to snow and ice!


Loaded up wif sweets, cakes and other comfort food you are beary well preBEARsed and this will take off the edge of winter’s bite





how to get preBEARsed for winturrrr: pt. 1 general advise

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when you live in theBaBearian tundra wike meeheeee, you kinda sorta are so usedes to the cruelty of winter


And that is why you start earlies wif all necessaries preBEARatunnns, (*giggles* fun pun: preBEARations = preparations wif bear in it! *giggle snort*)  doesing automaticully  what has to be dones wifout thinking bouts it… but now wif the polar weathur striking so hard at many of muh fwends an fans in Canada and the US, i decideds to tells yous all how to not be caught unpreBEARsed for the cold weathurrrr! (*giggles morer, there was the fun pun again, *Gigglefit*)


For one you need to have places where you can warm up quicklie. That means you should have some heating weady


and also warm clothes handy! I has my fur, wight? wight! and yet i also has winturrr clothes to keep me snuggsled up n cozy, seeheee?


Keep in mind, you will need safe ways of transportatunnna. if you are knowsing how to does it, skiing is safer than walksing on snow n ice for suwa, and it can be lotsa fun too. 


In order to be able to ski, you should do some work-out and sports early in fall, so when winturrr arrives you are all set and ready and fit, wight? wight!

14-sport1401-1wot is morer you need to start stocking up on your food supplies earlies and intensivulies, cuz you never know how many blizzards and snow masses there wills be,


an an an you need to be weady to hiBEARnate in your home during days on no end or even more longilies!!! (*giggle-lots: fun pun, once morer: hibernate wif bear in it = hiBEARnate *giggles wike cwayzey*) 

How the food-stock building is done correctulies, howeburrr,


i will tells you in the second part, so stay tuned and dont misses it.





dreams in bell pepper vit-yummies

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when you hear the doctors tells you that you need to eat more healthy wike,


you could ask yourselfer, how can that be dones wifout being too expensivelies,


yet yummsy and still not boring. An an an, often peopol think that is impossuble to do. But you know your fwendly fwend doucette will not let you down, wight? wight!


An so get preBEARsed  (*giggle* fun pun, preBEARsed, is prepared with bear in it *giggles morer*) for quite the supwize, wif me presentings the twaffic light dweam delight poor in calories yet rich in  vit-yummines!  (*giggles morererer*, vit-yummines is yummy vitamines *giggle-snorts*)13food-paprikampel

but them bell peppers has it all opposite wike to the twaffic light.

myst - cauldron-fire


when the twaffic light red means stop, the red bell pepper is sweet wike a lollipop.

the GO green in bell pepper means, it is the leastest sweetest of them all,

and the yellow is in between, just so you know…

but them all are loadeds wif Vitamin C, more than in a lemon, mind you!

food86-lemonSo instead of waiting for life to treat you with lemons, maybe get creative and yummsy some sweet peppers like the ones above. They taste delightfullies in salads, or eaten all raw wike… but they also make for delicious warm dishes, wike wif potatoes, tomatoes and onions…. just add some cream or butter or bof and it will make a dish all yummsie – seeeheeeeeeeeeee?








An so

Modelling Highlight: Peanut Curls ~ Girly Bears!

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i am so exciteds, because i has been appointeds to be the cover girl (bear) for an introduction of a fairly new pwoduct on the american recreational foods market: the corn and peanut made chips called PEANUT CURLS.

14food-flips23does this make me a curl bear or a girl bear? *giggle-fit*

The slogan for the campagne will be,







The shoot was a lot of fun, but also quite challengings, but that tale will be saved for a later blog, so you know, that being a photo-model can be a beary challenging job. wight? wight!





Knoedels & beers against germs and their peers *giggle*

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you has no idea what yummies there are in BaBearia. Dems are foodsies that are so yummsie, dat you can evens has a beer wif dems an it makes for another side dish *giggle*,


One such yummsy dish is Knoedels, with meat-loaf and red-cabbage. Le Yum! Say no morer!!! So excuses me now, i am off to eat my dish, an has my beer all of which will makes me even morer resistantlies against all them nasties, and germsies… because believes it or not, there are germs in GERMany! wight? wight!





love me a twee

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those who knows me, knows that i wubs me a twee!


I wubs how you can climb a twee, and catch sun in the twee, and plays in the twee.


I wubs them leaves an thems  fruit and everything abouts thems twees…

but i also wubs to eatins a twee as a tweat! You are askins me, wot? eatins a twee? how is that even possuble… well i will shows you… firster you need a sharpie knife and cut it apart (but be carefulls an dont cuts yourselfer!!!!)


you cuts yourself a slize an then you can see them rings inside… arent thems the bestesst?


but be carefuls also when eatins it, so you dont ends up burried by the twee *giggle-lots*