the key to health…


 it is January once morer, and of course, that means it is a shippy cold weathur all over the place.


snow n cold weathur everybear!


Fogs an cold wind, snow an ice, everything uncozy an not nice,


not even Saints can keep you warm n cozy in winturrr

you name it: January has it!


le pout: who needs blizzards anyway….


And abundantly at that *le pout* . And you cant do nuffing against that, your sole escape is to keep warm and pout wrapped up in duvets and blankets!

13green_lepout3morer of ‘le pout’!

You would think’n’hope, that cold weathur would kill off all germs and bacteria, but nohooooo, it creeps up on us, giving us a wunning nose, if we dont pay attentunnn, an take goodest care of ourselves!

medic-prepare86we dont wanna end up at the doctors office, do we?

An so we will of coursie take goodest care of ourselvers, wight? wight! But the questiunnn is how do we does it? wot is the key to staying healthy? i will tells you! it is VITAMINES!

13food-abundance21the key to health: fresh fruit and vegetables: rich in vitamines

As a result of my 300blogs celebratunnn,


i have decided to dedicates the whole of January 2014 to blogs about food, an so you should stay tuned, and come back often to learn a whole lot about the colorful, tasty vit-yummies

*giggles*, fun! fun pun: vitamines and yummies = vit-yummies!







4 Responses to “the key to health…”

  1. As always, you are so beary right! Wight?

  2. you look so cute and sweet among these vit-yummies! 😀 ❤

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