tangerines: owange vityummines


winter suwa has its advantages, but also it has quite some inconveniences, one of which is that it is so cold! And so you dont catches a cold yourselfer, you need to stay warm, wrapped up in blankets an eat vitamines, wight? wight!

13food-clementineNblattan an an so you dont forget, i has made you a widdle poem, so you can wememburrr it more easielies….

sometimes in winter it seems

that warmth is a figment of dreams

that is when we need vitamines

wike fwom owange sweet tangerines!


seeheee? wif dis short poem you will all wememburrr to take vitamines an eat tangerines. uhu! 






2 Responses to “tangerines: owange vityummines”

  1. you are so right Sweetie, everybody just eat your vitamins! 😀 ❤

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