love me a twee


those who knows me, knows that i wubs me a twee!


I wubs how you can climb a twee, and catch sun in the twee, and plays in the twee.


I wubs them leaves an thems  fruit and everything abouts thems twees…

but i also wubs to eatins a twee as a tweat! You are askins me, wot? eatins a twee? how is that even possuble… well i will shows you… firster you need a sharpie knife and cut it apart (but be carefulls an dont cuts yourselfer!!!!)


you cuts yourself a slize an then you can see them rings inside… arent thems the bestesst?


but be carefuls also when eatins it, so you dont ends up burried by the twee *giggle-lots*






3 Responses to “love me a twee”

  1. lol! you look incredible with the tree around your head! the best laugh ever! 😀

  2. So creative doucette!

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