dreams in bell pepper vit-yummies


when you hear the doctors tells you that you need to eat more healthy wike,


you could ask yourselfer, how can that be dones wifout being too expensivelies,


yet yummsy and still not boring. An an an, often peopol think that is impossuble to do. But you know your fwendly fwend doucette will not let you down, wight? wight!


An so get preBEARsed  (*giggle* fun pun, preBEARsed, is prepared with bear in it *giggles morer*) for quite the supwize, wif me presentings the twaffic light dweam delight poor in calories yet rich in  vit-yummines!  (*giggles morererer*, vit-yummines is yummy vitamines *giggle-snorts*)13food-paprikampel

but them bell peppers has it all opposite wike to the twaffic light.

myst - cauldron-fire


when the twaffic light red means stop, the red bell pepper is sweet wike a lollipop.

the GO green in bell pepper means, it is the leastest sweetest of them all,

and the yellow is in between, just so you know…

but them all are loadeds wif Vitamin C, more than in a lemon, mind you!

food86-lemonSo instead of waiting for life to treat you with lemons, maybe get creative and yummsy some sweet peppers like the ones above. They taste delightfullies in salads, or eaten all raw wike… but they also make for delicious warm dishes, wike wif potatoes, tomatoes and onions…. just add some cream or butter or bof and it will make a dish all yummsie – seeeheeeeeeeeeee?








An so


2 Responses to “dreams in bell pepper vit-yummies”

  1. you are so wise and so cute among all these yummsies! vitamins are excellent for us all, right? ❤ 😀

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