how to get preBEARsed for winturrrr: pt. 1 general advise


when you live in theBaBearian tundra wike meeheeee, you kinda sorta are so usedes to the cruelty of winter


And that is why you start earlies wif all necessaries preBEARatunnns, (*giggles* fun pun: preBEARations = preparations wif bear in it! *giggle snort*)  doesing automaticully  what has to be dones wifout thinking bouts it… but now wif the polar weathur striking so hard at many of muh fwends an fans in Canada and the US, i decideds to tells yous all how to not be caught unpreBEARsed for the cold weathurrrr! (*giggles morer, there was the fun pun again, *Gigglefit*)


For one you need to have places where you can warm up quicklie. That means you should have some heating weady


and also warm clothes handy! I has my fur, wight? wight! and yet i also has winturrr clothes to keep me snuggsled up n cozy, seeheee?


Keep in mind, you will need safe ways of transportatunnna. if you are knowsing how to does it, skiing is safer than walksing on snow n ice for suwa, and it can be lotsa fun too. 


In order to be able to ski, you should do some work-out and sports early in fall, so when winturrr arrives you are all set and ready and fit, wight? wight!

14-sport1401-1wot is morer you need to start stocking up on your food supplies earlies and intensivulies, cuz you never know how many blizzards and snow masses there wills be,


an an an you need to be weady to hiBEARnate in your home during days on no end or even more longilies!!! (*giggle-lots: fun pun, once morer: hibernate wif bear in it = hiBEARnate *giggles wike cwayzey*) 

How the food-stock building is done correctulies, howeburrr,


i will tells you in the second part, so stay tuned and dont misses it.






2 Responses to “how to get preBEARsed for winturrrr: pt. 1 general advise”

  1. it was such fun to watch you in an aroma lamp an skiing… amazing! 😀 ❤

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