how to get preBEARsed for winturrrr: pt. 2: stocking up on food



i can totallies understands your impatunnns, to know how to get even morer preBEARsed so you dont get caught by winter wifout hasing pwotected yourselfer beforehands. We talksed about how you can survive evuns beary cruel winter times in general in my last blog,


make suwa you has a variety of vegetable oils and herbs/spices

but i pwomised to tells you all about stocking up food for even longer periods of hiBEARnatunnna, and so we will just start it up. It would be prudent if you thought in advance wot kinda supplies you will need food wise. A meditatunnna in a hot tub is well advised… and speaking of it, having a stockpile of candles will make winter indoors a lot less stressful too…


Fresh fruit against rotten times, is always a good idea. Some fruit and veggies are more durable than othurs, so rather go wif those kinds that will ripen up slowly on your stock and promise to keep you vitminized for as long as possuble. this will keep you in good spirits and ward off colds and othur wintur miseries!


garlic and onions are immune system boosters & thus a must have  & fruit that are orange to red generally have the ACE vitamins you so beary much need


Make also suwa you have loads of durable food in your stock: consensed milk, canned meat and fish etc, 


as well as basics like flour, grains and sugar (plus baking agent and honey)


Peanut butter, chocolate, herbal teas, rice & pasta as well as canned berries and fruit will enrich your dishes once the fresh stuff and butter run out…


while a well filled fridge can provide a nice variety on bacon, and cheese especially during shorter yet hefty winter epidodes



Once morer howeburrr the canned varieties of wieners/hot-dogs as well as rich pasta sauces are wot you wanna stock up big time, and dont forget to get yourself a variety and quantity of durable fruit juice because in the long run this will become your main focus of food supplies


Do not forget to also stock enough food for your furry friends in your house-hold. Make suwa you have a nice variety of wet food and dry food so thems furries can be all happsy wike too!

14-food-brotkaese-schrank11Woosking awound your groceriy stores, you might find there are breads and cheeses and sauces that are quite durable as well and great in taste on top. Invest in those as well, so you can keep a wide variety of food groups and not miss out too much when locked in your home due to snow and ice!


Loaded up wif sweets, cakes and other comfort food you are beary well preBEARsed and this will take off the edge of winter’s bite






3 Responses to “how to get preBEARsed for winturrrr: pt. 2: stocking up on food”

  1. such a great post, you are so well organized and prebearsed! 😀 ❤

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