fry me a wiener

yes, you hearded that wight peopol

 this is not so you can cry me a river, instead you bettur fry me a wiener *giggle-lots* 

if you add onions, potatoes and cheese to the pan, it will be so awesumsauce, you will wish to jump right in!


seeheee? i can hardly contain muhself.. i wunna jump wight in!


there may be peopol claimsing, this food was too much on the fat or heavy side….


but wif winter taking its grip on us, we do need some extra energy so we dont fall victim to colds an germs an stuff, wight? wight!


of course you can always try to keep warm and healthy wif aroma therapy but twust me, the pan i describsed above is way more yummsie!

so all you need is some wieners or hot-dogs, slize them up, make minicubes of potatoes and onions and fry them wif some oil or butter. at the end add some cheese and let it melt all over the place… 

14food-wurstkaese-pfanneif you wanna you can use soy/vegeterian “hot-dogs” yumsilicious!

and finullies: yumms it up (but dont burn your mouf!)






2 Responses to “fry me a wiener”

  1. you are so right Sweetie, wieners are delicious in winter! 😀

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