the pink…. church!


How do you build a relationship with God?


Well in BaBearia they came up with this concept….

licht - lampe

you have to build a housie for God that reflects your wish for a nice relationship.


And in order for it to be weavy nice you has the housie to reflect that relation-SHIP as much as possuble.

And so into the sea of fields and trees, they planted this churchie, that totally wooks wike a ship – wooksie!


They also painted it bright pink: beacause pink is the color of God, evidentullie. 


Huges windows let the light into the churchie, but also are a sign of transparancies – because you dont wanna hide and seclude an stuffs, not before your God anyways, wight? wight!

14-powhog-212The entry area is kept neat and tidies, with two pairs of columns framed with pink length stripes … because we all know that lengthy stripes are pleasing to the eye (and also make you look thinner) *giggle*


This churchie was built in the 18th century, namelies in 1796: beary impwessive, the peopol in BaBearia building a pink church all neat wike that!



2 Responses to “the pink…. church!”

  1. absolutely fabulous post Sweetie, how come you know so much about architecture? XXXOOO ❤

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