Pizza fantastica!


there is nuffing wike a pizza fantastica!


But you dont need to run to a pizzeria or get a frosted one.. you can make yourself your own pizzas, and dems are just as good if not a lot bettur by far!


All you need is an oven and a widdle bit of creativities!


A pizza is always as good as its ingrediences.


Experiment wif various kinds of cheese, cold-meat


as well as fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices

14-food-speis53herboilfrontYou will understands why i am calling it pizza fantastica once you try your own delicious variations. i am of coursie the most wuckiest girl-bear ebburrrr since Mrs Teddy spoils me wif dems yummiest pizzas in the whole wide world wike, wight? wight!

13food-pizzablech2huges home-made pizza before it goes into the oven…

13food-pizzablech… and now freshly baked, with melting cheese… *swoon*


Pizzas need not to be made on a baking tray though. You can experiment wif othur baking equipment…. wike herer, Mrs Teddy made a heavenlies juicy pizza in an glass roasting tin, seeheeee?


Wanna try something that is preBEARsed in a hurry tho? Try this delightfull idea from Mrs Teddy’s kitchen…


take slized bread, and put the filling on top… quicklie toast in your oven and yums it up!






One Response to “Pizza fantastica!”

  1. this looks very yummy Sweetie but you remain the cutest and most pretty of all 😀 ❤

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