twicks gwandma knew: an apple a day….

Peopol, peopol, peopol.

in them good ole days of gwandma, (that is the time where everything was black’n’white)


thems peopol had a saying for everything. they had a saying to predict the weathur, but they also had sayings about how to keep healthy, an one of them was:



Unless you have an allergy – which nowadays (where everything is all colorfuls) is not that rare unfortunately – you should munch up one whole apple every day. There are far morer than 100 active pharmaceutical ingredients in an apple, starting with Vitamins A, B & C and lots and lots morer that would be too borsing to name… you can research it yourselfer on the net or ask your doctor or teacher!

reading teddy

A sneak peek into the capacities of apples reveal it will help against rheumatism, gout, arteriosclerosis and cleanses your blood to name but 4 of the dozens of healing capacities! 


Make suwa you washes it all clean firster though: Use warm water and soap and rinse well. Apples are usually very affordable and come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors an an an TASTES!!! If you have some extra space on your back- or front yard, do plant your own apple tree. them gardener peopol now even make potted mini apple trees for your balcony!


Not only can you dances and climbs awesumlies in an apple tree, its blossoms will splendidlies amazes you and provide for them bees toos!


So listens to the granny when she will say: 


an apple a day will keep the doctor away

wight? wight!


2 Responses to “twicks gwandma knew: an apple a day….”

  1. you are so right and wise Sweetie, a role model for everybody! 😀 ❤

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