BearVille’s annual horsie show 2014 (1)


i am so fudging exciteds because finullies i have receivesed them picshures fwom this years annual horsie show herer in BaBearia’s BearVille – and wot can i say? thems are awesome-saucesome! 


Therer will be morer of them blogs about this mile-stone event in our village, but they will be short n sweet so you can twuelies enjoys them in between busy schedules n stuff, wight? wight!


So this year i met a group of horsies, wooksing a bit sads and so i asksed thems:

1402rossnarkt-p1010037Hey horsies, why the long faces *giggle lots*


Once thems realizeds how funny that pun joke was, thems and i were laughing togethur wike cawayzey!

1402rossnarkt-p1010035weeheeeehhahahahahahaha *giggle-fit*


Seeheee, we had lots of fun them beautimous horsies an meeheee, and next time i will reports morer bouts it!






2 Responses to “BearVille’s annual horsie show 2014 (1)”

  1. I remember that and the horse that laughed so loud, so it was YOU “giggle-friggle” 😀 ❤

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