blog envy & new modeling jobs spree

Peopol, peopol, peopol!

you would not believes how blog envy gots me a spree of new modeling jobs. But its twue, as you will see for yourselfer.


You do recall that i started out wif an homage to Paramount’s Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) wif my foto-shoot disguised as Whoopie Goldbergs character Guinon

leaving the make-up parlor

leaving the make-up parlor

Well and soon after that George Lukcs from Star Wars wanted me to portray one of his movie characters, and we agweed i’d be an Ewok!


Howeburrrr:i had no idea this would become such a craze and fashunnna, since lately i got a call


with rawring urgency

an so i compliesed of coursie, got all maked up all ova


packed a tiny yet fashionable suitcase wif only them mostest urgent necessities…


mounted their hellocopter


and did a shoot with the MGM stars Tom cat and Jerry mouse! seeheeeeeeeeee?


and that is not all, but the other blog envy enduced picshure shoot, and wif whom i been shootings… is still a secwet and a tale for a future blog.

reading teddy

stay tuneds tho… you will herer it herer firster! wight? wight!



2 Responses to “blog envy & new modeling jobs spree”

  1. you are a real star, you brave cutie-patootie! and portraiting so many different characters, such talent! ❤

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