DIY irresistable cat toy (almost) for free


i am all exciteds to tells you bouts a DIY project you can does within a few minutes fwom preBEARatunnnn to complitunnna!


Not only can you uses stuffs up that comes at virtually zewo cost, its also funsy and them kitties will go caweyzey bouts it!


and bestest of all? you even helps Momma Earth by being parcimonous wif her recources, so that way everyone wins!

globus gold anim

in muh exampul, i have usesed a cat toy that had been broken by them wild playsing kitties… they just ripped the prey apart, leaving the fishing pole all sads and emptie.


In case you dont have that stuff, you can just cut yourself a widdle switch fwom a bush or twee. it should be flexible enough to be all bendy, and fresh enough as not to break!



You will also need a lace or cord. I would suggest you use a rubber one, like the stuff you get in a haberdasher’s shop so your pants and panties wont fall of *blushel-lushel* wot you also need is a widdle bit of colorfuls carton. now you could of course buys some, but there is a convenient way to safe your molla for those,

money86penniessince you get free colorful carton everybear! wif your cookies,  your cornflakes or your kleenex boxes (wike i usesed)


cut out some pieces and make a hole into them so you can attach them to the loose end of your lace. tie a knot and have at it


but attentunn! them kitties mean business when playsing dem games, wight?





2 Responses to “DIY irresistable cat toy (almost) for free”

  1. this is an excellent DIY project and I am sure cats love it. Thank you Sweetie, you are adorable ;D ❤

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