why did the chicken cross the road?


i has no idea why a chicken would cwoss the woad, cuz if it doesnt it can become the bestest dish of all times!

Mrs Teddy’s baked chicken!


See how exciteds i am bout the baked chicken on pasta, onion and tomatoes? i am alweady dancing in the plate fwom excitement, thats how muches i am happsie now! Or as they say in Germany Da wird das Huhn in der Pfanne verrückt! (There the chicken got crazy in a fry-pan) *giggle-lots*

Mrs Teddy told me i had to calms down an wait till i get my piece, and once i did, i gots a huges piece and that gave me drools and peace, wight? wight!

14-food-chickenbacked23yummsy pwiviwage

so next time you gets asksed why the chicken cwossed the woad, you can replies twuf-fullies: to get baked by Mrs Teddy! 






2 Responses to “why did the chicken cross the road?”

  1. it gives me cabbage steam (kohldampf=hunger) 😛 ❤

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