Walt Doucettney *giggle-friggle*


in a former blog i pwomised you to keeps you updated on the fruit of my loom *giggle* namelies the fact that my picshure shoots disguised as Star Trek and Star Wars characters brought me quite some photo-shoot jobs wif other Big Players fwom the movsie-industwy… well wot shall i say, i also got inviteds by the Walk Disney studios!

Of course such a huges job callsed for packsing a much more sophisticateds luaguage, an so i got my larger suitcase, covered in stars, because lets face it – i am a star too, wight? wight!

13yuletree-deko2-16122the star doucette dragging a tail wike a comet! *giggle*

At first i gots to poses with the whole cast of Aristocats, which was an so much funs, i tells you!

1402waltdisney_aristo1It was hard to keep still in the picshure, cuz the widdle black cat was attempting (an succeeding too!) to ticklurt my earsies!!!!

But laturrrr, Walt Disney insisted i inporsonate one of their fairy tale characters, and this is wot we cooked up!


Doucettecchio *giggle lots*

i had had so much funsie wif dem Walt Disney stars, but was happsie, when i finullies arrived back homes and could sleeps in my own cozy widdle beddie






One Response to “Walt Doucettney *giggle-friggle*”

  1. you are so sweet and cute, I want to cuddle you! and yes, you sure are a star! ❤

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