a traditional paint-shop job


most of us computer generation folk will be thinking of a computer grafix software when they hear the word Paint-Shop. Aaaannd indeedly paint-shop was quite an ambitious grafic software along with the more known Photoshop.

pc_laptopBut this is not wot i am talksings abouts to you, this time. Most peopol would think, that i am just a widdle teddie girl bear, and all i do the whole day is laying in beddie


but thats wong! Because not only do i do modelings, i also am all crafty wike, wight? wight!

1403-job-painter-bucket1Herer you can see me after doesing a weal pwofessunuls paint shop.

You can see me wif my paint-bwush, my widdle (now emptie) paint bucket and of coursie i am wearing a DIY newspaper painter-hat. Seeheee? I painted pink flowers on the wall, and got some paint on my hat, but the bwush still has traces of pink, which shows you, i am not tellsing stowies, wight? wight!






One Response to “a traditional paint-shop job”

  1. Right, you are a hard-working girl! and so cute… ❤ 😀

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