Expedition: tracing the “Miricul-Ticklurts”


i am not suwa, yall knows abouts a cweature that comes out of no-where, ticklurts you wike caweyzey and is gone before you can even spots it! you may say, you have never encountered this cweaturrr, but i has and it ticklurts wike no tomowow!

140301-flowers-spring-crowkiss-group*rolling on the floor laughing*

And so i gathered all my bearlie braveries


 and went on an expeditunnn, to trace the cweature to where it lives…in its secluded habitat!


I flew to that concealed locatunn wif a hellocopter and therer onforth  i was on my beary  own

1403_ticklurt-01i had to be beary brave indeed, and climb the highest mountains…

1403_ticklurt-03_topsbalancing on a mountain top is quite dangewous!


i had to cwosses instable and nawwow wooden bridges passing by huges saurians!

1403_ticklurt-05blklite-0Climbing the mountains in the dawk is nuffing for peopol (or bears) with fears and touchie nerves!

1403_ticklurt-04blklite1notice my faciul expressunnn? i spotteds sumfing!

Finullie down in the valley ahead of me, i spotteds a grotto of sorts with some cave arch and door to it, and so i went therer, 


even if it were spooksy!

1403_ticklurt-06doorpuzzeled by the scawy door… i can hear sumfing, oh no, oh NO!

The door was wike a mirror, throwing my reflection back. Or was i trapped, inside, not knowing, i could not escape, nor hide? i was beary afwaid, and i had reason to be, as i was to discover, quite quicklies!

1403_ticklurt-07eeeephelps meeheee, helps meeheeeeeeeeeeee!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP wuns – wuns as fast as you can, the MIRICUL TICKLURT cweature is after meeheeeeeeee!

macgalbear31i quicklies climbsed up the hellocopter an an we flew away, before the ticklurts-monster could gets me!

hat-cowgirlI am still kinda hiding, hoping the Miricul Ticklurt Monster wont trace me! That was beary scawy, wight?






2 Responses to “Expedition: tracing the “Miricul-Ticklurts””

  1. OMG such adventures! why did you go hunt this monster? it looks so scary!!! run, little Doucette, run! 😀 ❤

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