a sun-set by the riverette


there is nuffing like the beauty of Earth Momma, let me tells you!


During a beary intense and intewesting photoshoot last year, we explored contrasts of industrial versus natural monuments

13strom1210-15745reflectreflections of steel & wire monuments dissolving against natural splendor

and me, at the shore of it all *smiles happilies*

Beyond those imposing motives, and the twillight we were shooting the picshures at, a monumental serene beauty unfolded and welcomed us with her open arms. i will share those impressive impressions wif you, when the photographers and model me twied to capture some of the abundant splendor engulfing us…

13strom1210-15741sunsetpeaceful harmony of sun-set over the riverette… and me: doucette

Did you notice how the beginning autumn started coloring the trees in the firey fall colours, while still the rich greens dominate the scenery? can you see how the flawless blue sky reflects in the river, and gets painted in soft pinks towards its horizon (going bearfectly well wif my cwutch, just saying). All colors are rich and abundant, and though it was a windless day, the trees and bushes, grass and greens are imposing, impressing and yet calming. Mother Earths harmonic tranquility framed in abundant beauty:

13strom1210-15747sunsetbeautimous reflections… and me







2 Responses to “a sun-set by the riverette”

  1. you are so cute but also so brave, you model on very dangerous spots! scary! ❤ 😀

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