Widdles & Biggles


guess wot, guess wot, makes the widdle doucette all happsie? it is when there is something Biggels and something similar widdles. So us widdles can has what them Biggels have, just so its size appropriete and all cute wike, wight? wight! And just so you can see, how much therer is of those here are a few, of items for Biggels and Widdles!

DaddyTeddy-potatosoupDaddy Bear and baby-bear (me) eating soup for widdles and Biggels *giggles*

BananaDaddyBabybaby banana & Daddy banana *giggles morer*

14-food-speis58tassenimschrank2 coffee mugs for Biggels, an 1 tiny for us widdles *giggle lots*


pink tube of lotion for Bigs, an a tiny one for widdles too *giggle-snorts*

but therer is lots and lots and morer but that is for another blog. 






One Response to “Widdles & Biggles”

  1. you look so little compared to your dad, sweet little cutie patootie ❤ 🙂

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