doucette PC – buckets full of joy (#1401)


did you get the fun pun? nohooo? well you soon wills as soon as you can sees dem picshures. and yes you did read that wight. it is yet anuther fun picshure challenge. this time the topic is: (dwumwoll)

linie rainbow anim

buckets – especiallies if they give them happsies.

linie rainbow animherer are a few exampuls:

gardening_bucketOworkgardening/watering your plants: makes everyone involved happsies!

1403-job-painter-bucket1doesing the painting with my widdle baby bucket in the paw! awww!

14-food-2bucketscarrying bucket-fulls of yummsies: literally! *giggles*

14-bucketOjoyjoy in a bucket: beary awesums beading supplies …

muh Daddy is selling thems and i like to bathe in ’em! *giggles lots*

so, i hope you enjoysed my widdle blogser, an that you will particupate in muh picshure challenge. buckets of all sizes and forms qualify, wight?






3 Responses to “doucette PC – buckets full of joy (#1401)”

  1. You look so cuddly and sweet, it is hard to resist tickling you all over! I don´t have any bucket pictures unfortunately… 😦

  2. […] is time again to answer to Doucette´s Picture Challenge. Not an easy task since buckets are not my favorite motive 😛 but I looked […]

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