Peopol, peopol, peopol,


being a photomodel wike me is a wot of works, but you also gets to experiment a wot, and over the past few years i was able to slip into many fifferent roles thus becoming a veritabul chameleo-doucie *giggles*

140223-bow-gold_spring18065inBEARsonating the Spwing Goddess Bloedewedd *giggle-fit*


modeling-hats-scotsa chic doing the scottish jig: highlanderette doucette

*giggles morer*

1402rossnarkt-p1010037playing horse whisperer ….

nu-nightie-blueberrybeing Grandma Toothfaerie *giggle friggle*

131019-incense-smoke4being all shaman, or is it sha-bear? *giggle-snorts*

13rocket14an astronaut, back on earth…

13rocket91and an astronaut in outer space *giggles morererer*

leaving the make-up parlor

leaving the make-up parlor

inBEARsonating Whoopie Goldbergs Star Trek character Guynon

1312geek-ewok1playing George Lucas Star Wars character: Ewok!

12food-sushi1-11being a Sushi-chef or sous-chef? 

1403_bakery11and a baker-bear too!

HK-party-boa21being a Diva!

nightmare-trappednettles-filteredplaying prisonor  … scawy!

caged65beawy scawy!!!!!!

falifa3even a pwincess!






2 Responses to “chameleo-doucie”

  1. so many characters! you deserve a place on the walk of fame in Hollywood Sweetie! ❤

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