BaBearian Summers 1


when i wooksed fru the archives i found quite a few gems of picshures from the summers gone by… and so i wanna shares wif you. c’mon, lets go for a walk towards the river!

14-so13-02we can see red stuff  growing in mids of them gweens…

14-so13-01as well as huges pink flowers gweeting us!

14-so13-03there will be tall twees, dwessed in dark gweens,

14-so13-05and also lighter gween ones – see BaBearia is filled wif funs!

14-so13-04and sheer endless cornfields before them twee covered hills!

i am quite suwa you enjoysed our widdle twip and feel wike you are all hungwy wike… well good news for we? there is cake wating for us at home, in any case for me *giggles*

14-food-babovka-cakemy beary own widdles cake! rich in butter… le yum!

make suwa you stay tunsed, because in the enxt part of this awesum summer stowy, i will abducts you to the river itself, and if you are weavy wucky, you may even get a glimpse to the Walhala…. but that is a tale, yet to be tolds!!!!






2 Responses to “BaBearian Summers 1”

  1. I can´t wait for the next part Sweetie! you go around a lot! ❤ 😀

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