doucette in middle-earth



you wouldnt believes me but it is twue! Another Big Name in the film industwy asksed me to inBEARsonate one of their famous characters.

fleamafind-napkinringpicshure used wif permissunnnna!

 That’s wight, no-one lesser than Peter Jackson asksed me, to pick a chawacter fwom Tolkiens ‘The Lord of the Rings’ – an soooo,  of coursie, i said i would poses for dems!

mawwieds-ringsmeehee playing Lord of the Rings *giggles*


But as it turnsed out, i couldnt make up my mind whom to be, an so we agweed i d be two peopol! For one i was to be Gendalf the Wizard, wooksie:


But then we discovered the BEARfect locatunnna, and i got to be a Hobbit too!



i had so much fun inBEARsonating them chawacters, an i guess it kinda shows, wight? wight!


One Response to “doucette in middle-earth”

  1. lol! I can´t choose between Gandalf and the Hobbit, which one is your cutest? Let´s say both 😀 ❤

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