Industrial photoshoot


sometimes peopol asks me, cuz i am a photomodel an know so many peopol from that industry, wot does it takes to make for a gweat picshure. well the simple answer is *A BWIWIANT MOTIVE* (giggles)

But one way to go abouts it, is to take includes contrasts into your motives. A few months ago i was asked to do exactlies such a shoot and so today, i will shows you wot it is all abouts.


the above picshure features many contrasts: the contrast between naturally grown trees and man made steel/industrial ones. you have the contrast of the current in the riverette, and the current in them electric cables. you have the contrast of the jagged steel contruction, and the softlie doucette (me) in between. such is a bwiwiant motive… one that has many contrasts, and quite sumfing of a tangled web for your mind to get wrapped up in…


in the second picshure you have the same motive, but a fifferent lighting and focus. still you can see the contrast of man-made versus natural trees, contrast of wood/leaves versus steel, jagged and softlies in me *giggles morer*

on top there is a contrast between light and dark even though contrary to common sense, the lighted up part looks groomily while the darker (and natural) part looks more cozy and comforting.


I greatly enjoyed that photo-shoot even if it was a bit scary. More than anything howeburrr i enjoyed the sun-set with the sky being painted in widdles-fwendlie colors of pink n blue, owange an yellow an red, wight? wight. Nuffing against industrial stuff, but i do prefer the constwuctions of Momma Earth: the twees, the hills, the riverettes over steel power poles any day!






2 Responses to “Industrial photoshoot”

  1. right! so do I but something different is interesting from time to time plus, with a beautiful bear girl like yourself, anything gets exciting! ❤ 😀

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