Bavaria or Barbaria?


i am a widdle bit agitateds at the moments! i am sincerly askings muhselfer, is BaBearia turning into Barberia? well you will be finking, wot gots a widdle teddie girl so agitateds, well let me tells you!

Some nasty thieves stole fwom muh Daddy – in broad daylight – in the village of BearVille from our front yard THE GARBAGE BIN. 


you hearded that wight! them stole the garbage bin and left some more garbage behind. see picshure above!  wot an outwage!


i wanted to rip them a new one, but them didnt waits to be catchesed, and so now Daddy had to spend lots of mola to replace the bin : (


Of coursie i offered to helps muh Daddy out and let hims my huges white dust bin, but Daddy said, that muh huges dustbin still was too tinies for hims, but it’s the thought that counts!


So here is the sad widdle statistic of moving to the rural countryside of BaBearia. 

  • 2008, car burglary over night: navigation system and 2 cell phones stolen. car lock damaged. = 800 €
  • 2007-2012, theft of electricity to an ammount of ca. 9 000 €, 3 000 € alone in 2012
  • 2014 theft of Garbage Bin, loss ca, 100 €
  • NOT counted all the “petty” thefts from muh Daddy’s booth at markets

The saddest part is, that even them cops wont care enuff to do anyfing bouts it. They cannot even be bothered to send out a copper to examine the damage or take a picshure or anyfing. It is wike Barbarians paradize.  Vandalim an theft is never funny, but when the lossses ammount to 10 grand, it is just way too much! Them thieves need to be writing lines till kingdom come so they are busy wif dat


an not pestering decent hard working peopol wike muh Daddy, wight?








2 Responses to “Bavaria or Barbaria?”

  1. you are so right Sweetie, it is such a shame that people would do that to honest and hard-working persons like your daddy. Shame on Barbaria, fudging thieves and those lazy cops! Love you Sweetie, loving your courage to tell the truth too ❤

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