Easter Artisian Fair 2014 in Tapfheim, Bavaria


in late March this year Daddy an i attended a traditional Easter Artisian Fair, in the BaBearian Tapfheim,


which is near of Donauwoerth – the home of the Eurocopter.

14-heli3This traditional artisan fair is held in the local schools gym, and attracts many artisans from the near and more distant area. Daddy participated therer for the first time, and we will return there for suwa.


Even though visitors are charged a small entry fee, they flood the fair by a couple of thousand of ’em, which aint too bad eithur. The organizers decorate the place all easterly, (see first picture) and even have a few living bunnies shown off, as an attraction for the young ones (who enter for free, mind you)


i was quite impwessed wif the size of the (easter) bunny muhself. it was huges! wooksie:

1403-eastermarke3happy easter everyone!



2 Responses to “Easter Artisian Fair 2014 in Tapfheim, Bavaria”

  1. So huge! Little Doucette, run! or you might become his dinner!!!?! 😛 ❤

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