Bavaria: land of contradictions (1)



BaBearia is a county full of contwadictuns, and yet it somehow works out! In mids of all the technowogies, wike car’n’bike factowies of Audi &  BMW


but also helicopters!!!!

14-heli3you would not expect to see too much of nature, and yet BaBeria is rich in that too!

secludedforest3bigtreemagnificent and beary old twees

14-so13-04green covered hills

120723-forest-84bysceneryas far as you can see!

13mole11voles’ paradize!


rivers of  jade green…

13strom1210-15741sunsetand topaz blue

In the next part i will show you morer of them contwadictuns, showing you modern and historic stuff stwangelies not clashings eithur. so stay tuned. 



2 Responses to “Bavaria: land of contradictions (1)”

  1. this is a beautiful post and you look so lovely everybear (giggle-friggle) 😀 ❤

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