Bavaria: land of contradictions (2)


i alweady told you how BaBearia is a country filled wif modern technologies, featuring helicopters

macgalbear22 twactors

130-6-schlueter17393-euroand hot bikes!

1308_bike-17496Who would expect to see knights and medieval buildings, in mids of such modern cities?

you wook a widdle stiff, misturrr *giggle*


all sinister wooking wooden building over an old wooden bridge

leading to a medieval defense wall covered in ivy & wild wine

14-12NMstadtmauer-holz1 14-12NMstadtmauer-holz2and me sitting there hopsing the scawy housie wont bite me, or

worser yet? push me down the abyss! :-s

but wucky me, i gots muh Daddy to pwotect me, wight? 

DaddyTeddy-potatosoup wight!

 Next time i will abducts you so you can see morer of them medieval stuff in mids of BaBearian cities



2 Responses to “Bavaria: land of contradictions (2)”

  1. my favorite is the last picture, you look so sweet and all small at your daddy´s side ❤ 😀

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