Bavaria: land of contradictions (3)


in this installment i will show you morer of them medieval stuff in mids of a modern city. Let’s see some modern stuff firster:

funhouseNM_12x33pwetty much a regular modern house; nevermind the shocksed face :0

funhouseNM_12x43a modern city in its outskirts, featuring stwanglie wooking housies galore

travels2012-86-nm-scawyhousescawy villa or is it the local spooky castle?

funhouseNM_12x10the sign says parking: but no-one dares to!

travels2012-86-nm-harmonikaplumb bob and square edge: unheard of!

14-12NMstadtmauer-tor3peek-a-boo, say door arch, where leads you to?

14-12NMstadtmauer-tor2behind the stone brick wall, who stands all mighty and tall?

14-12NMstadtmauer-tor1the truth soon shall be revealed… just look behind me!

14-12NMstadtmauer-turm1a giant white tower you will come to see!

Stwangelies, that white shining building is the black-powder tower. Sneaksie those BaBearians: they hide the black powder behind white walls, where no-one would suspect them! wight? wight!



2 Responses to “Bavaria: land of contradictions (3)”

  1. lovely post Sweetie, and you remain the most beautiful little thing of all ❤ 😀

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