Hemau bei Regensburg


i got beary eexcited by the chance to visit a small BaBearian town near Rainborough, or as they calls it in BaBearia Regensburg, namelies the city of Hemau. The weather was Aprilly – meaning it changed between sunny, cloudy and raining cats and dogs. But we did menage to take a few impwessunnnns before the rain set in.

140427_hemau11pink’n’gween housies (hotels) waiting for tourists on te main stweet

140427_hemau12a villa with a burkha, located behind the bars.

140427_hemau13dont let the friendly salmon shade fools you: 

the ole city hall now is where the cops reside!

140427_hemau14a better view of the pwetty building

140427_hemau15huge ole housies, with huges ole twees all pwetties

140427_hemau16and roads leading to housies looksing all meanie wike…

14food-hackbratrotkohlknoedeli suwa was happsie when we gots home to a dish among dishes!






2 Responses to “Hemau bei Regensburg”

  1. all very German, including the food in the end… 🙂 you are so wise and so sweet, the Germans must run after you like after dessert! 😀 ❤

    • giggles, they would, but we shot in the earlie morning hours, so thems were still asweep, cuz elser i d have ahard time modeling wif all dem autograph hunters after me *giggle*

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