BaBearian Summers (2) – a glimpse to Walhala


you are all cuwious wike an owange wight now, aren’t you? 


well wifout further ado, let me take you on that stroll in BaBearias summers, towards the river, where you will get a glimpse of Walhala, where them brave live foreburrr!

14-13so-walhala11behind them seven hills, and seven twees, there is the land fwom fairie tales…

14-13so-walhala12the vegetation changes dwamaticulies: where there were twees, there are bushes… where there grew bushes there are grasses and reeds, pointing to the fact, that waters must be nearer! are them the waters of styx and hades? *shivers*

14-13so-walhala10one wee wook behind… lo there do i see them mountains, lo there do i see them hills covered in twees, lo there do i see the car, which bwought me herer, lo there do i see the valley of soft moss and gween gwass…

14-13so-walhala20lo, there do i see the path, leading me to the river, all mystical, an mystewious!

14-13so-walhala21lo, therer are them huges rocks, beneath the river… the river is rippled…

14-13so-walhala22and its rippled quite a wot! wots and wots and morer! wot could be makins these waves… and what is beneath those stairs, that maybe the stairway to heavuns?

14-13so-walhala25lo, there do i see the ship, WALHALA where the bwave may live foreburrrrr!









3 Responses to “BaBearian Summers (2) – a glimpse to Walhala”

  1. Lo there do I see a sweet Doucette! 😀 ❤ This is so hilarious! Love ya!

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