how to avoid a cold, BaBearian style


would you wike to knows how them peopol in BaBearia use medieval twicks to not catches a cold and thus manage to avoid a visit at the doctors?


Well, wooksie at this widdle blog to learns morer. you know how a scarf will pwotect you fwom catchins a cold?



Well in BaBearias Bear-Ville, thems are afwaid, their medieval walls could catches a cold in May, an soooooo, they just wrap warm scarfs around the defense walls the same!



They obviouslie believes, this measure will make suwa, that if the housie doesnt catch a cold, so wont them peopol.

licht - lampe


i do has my doubts if it will help to avoid a cold and my bearsonal recipe against catchisins colds, is to eat healthilies…


add lots of vit-yummies to your diet


and make suwa you get enough sweeps in a beary cozy beddie !


but  eithurrrr way, the Bear-Villians attitude  does make the elser gray walls wooks all fashunable, wight?








3 Responses to “how to avoid a cold, BaBearian style”

  1. Hm, fashionista walls? never heard of that, but I see it now and thank you for sharing this strange phenomenon with us. Is it a German thing to be a bit nuts like that? 😛 ❤

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