A glimpse into the Forest for Rest (pt. 2)


when we take a sneak peek into the forest


we soon discover why we can rest up from the hectomatic of our day to day life efficuntlies


herer, the heart beat is slow, and we can breath more profoundly framed by tall, gentle giants: the beautimous twees


Life and death herer are close neighbors – as they are everywhere, but we kinda shut death off in our organized world. Howeburrr in the forest


what once was a tree, now is but a tomb-stone and yet it gives birth and home to so much new life


if you look closlies enough!

and only few steps away, new trees are growsing, at the moment being babies, they are hardly higher than fearns and weeds!


overwhelming us with the knowledge, that life keeps going on, always and everybear. wight?






2 Responses to “A glimpse into the Forest for Rest (pt. 2)”

  1. You are so wise Sweetie! This is a wonderful post! šŸ˜€ ā¤

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