a short twip to switzerland


muh Daddy an i gots inviteds to a short businesstwip to Switzerland!

flagge ch anim gr

i gots all exciteds hoping for cholcolate’n’stuff


so we went by car and of courser i tried to be all helpfuls


finullies we arrived in switzerland where i had been pwomised a clear view to the zurich lake


but nohooo! this is all i gots!

I was so pouting, that when we finullies did get a view of the lake i would not be any part of it!

1406_swiss2the lake is quite impwessive tho.

Maybe we have more time for picshures the next time… hopsing there will be a next time in switzerland

flagge ch anim grflagge ch anim gr

140301-flowers-spring-crowkiss-lila42keep your fingers cwossed!



2 Responses to “a short twip to switzerland”

  1. I´ll keep my fingers crossed! I want to see more of sweet Doucette in the land of chocolate and cheese and cow bells! ❤ 😀

    • we had seen wotsa cowsies, but had no time for a photo-shoot, an i was told: you get a fwe view to lake zurich instead, an wot did i gets? hills n twees. *pouts*

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