wot do you call spoilses of summers? 

welcome sun anim


well for meheee, summer spoilage is all bouts wondermous food

14-food-potatosteaktartarenuffing wike steak, potatoes, butter an a herbal cheese 

food-salad120629fresh ‘n’ light salads…

14-flowers-summer-herbs21idealies spiced up wif self-grown herbsies!

warm weathurs, sunshine, an long evenings outside….

13strom1210-15741sunset colorfull sunsets, an a cool breeze by a cweek… summes are delightfuls!


beautimous flowers…14-flowers-summer-margarit31

 marguerites wooks wike shining suns, wight? wiiight!


wild red poppy flowers conquering else grey, boring spots…

14-flowers-summer-mohn11and defeating them with their fragile yet persistent beauty

14-flowers-summer-mohn21while their cultivated relatives fwom turkey

share their owange’n’ red splendour to them greens of grass

and nuffing says delicious summer spoilage like Mrs Teddys Marillenknoedels!

14-food-marillenknoedelapricots filled knoedels wif butter, cinamon an sugar… YUM!!!!




2 Responses to “”

  1. Yes, yum indeed, this sounds like a very delicious menu. Now where is the food, I´m hungry… 😛 ❤

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