Valley of the Black Bable


in BaBearia they have the stwangest places. Some are quite scawy, howeburr some have funny names too! Wike the monumental Valley of the Black Bable – at least that is what the German name translates to.

14-BYlaber10Tal= valley, Schwarz = black, Laber = to babble *giggles*

Despite the funsy name, the place is beary impwessings, not only to a widdle teddie girl wike me. wooksie!

14-BYlaber11calm and serene the riverette, yet she has some might

the Black Laber river, just like doucette, reflects natures smile


wondering what wizzard lives at the black rivers shore?

so secluded by those mighty trees

a squeeling, shrieking, as they open the door

we bettur runs away all quicklies!

14-BYlaber21can you feels the intensity of the river,

calmly yet mightily diggings its way fru the valley…


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and one mightilie, beary impwessive valley it is! wight?





One Response to “Valley of the Black Bable”

  1. thank you for sharing this adventure with us, Sweetie, you look as adorable as ever on these pictures! ❤ 😀

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