Portiuncula Market in Bavarian China…


todays blog has a widdle informatunnna about somefing you pwobabwy hasnt heard abouts yet, so get preBEARsed to learn sumfing new today!

schoolNworx86mathno worsies tho, it is not aboutt math, so do read on *giggles*

recentlies muh Daddy an I has attended a market in BaBearia, that has been held to the honor of the St Francis monks, a beary long twadition as you can see, wight? wight! But if you fink that all there was to sell was monastery stuff you’ d be pwetty wong.

140803_market1beneath the eyes of the yellow church, all sorts of stuff was offereds

Now you will asks me, how come there is China in mids of BaBearia, when China is wike 1000s miles away? well, thats a fifferent stowy. The people of the town where the market is held, used to be quite hostile behind their wall, and not letting strangers in, and so many marketeers used to say: dems peopol therer are like the chinese hiding behind the wall! it caught on so much, that even today they still feel like chinese, and the decowatiun shows chinese symbols and dwagons!

140803_market2the funsie cutie pink housie is the city hall, wif 4 flags: that of  Bavaria 

(blue’n’white),the towns own (red n white)

and outta the pic the German and the EU flags

across the stweet the chinese symbols flags

an the pwetty white tent therer? thats muh Daddys!!!!

i am pwetty suwa you would wuv to come n visit one day, and attend such a twaditionul market yourselfer, wight? well if you do, dont forget to buy lots of stuffs fwom muh Daddy!






One Response to “Portiuncula Market in Bavarian China…”

  1. Thank you for teaching us something new Sweetie, you are so wise and smart! ❤ 😀

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