A Royality Car Visit on the Medieval Market


i was so exciteds on the medieval market the other week-end, when i took a photo-shoot stroll awound…


 i discovereds a vewitable Wolls Woyce caw! wooksie!!

140727-greding-car-rr2enbedded into the medieval city center, a blue-silver Rolls Royce star

140727-greding-car-rr1isnt she a cutie wif a sexie bootie? *giggles*

140727-greding-car-rr3a majestic owiginuls: wif the wheel on the wight side! 

fun, fun pun:  gots it? i said wight, wike in wight! wight? wight!


140727-greding-car-rr5emillyherer you can see stylish me, next to a polished up Emily…

*giggles morererer*

140727-greding-car-rr4the number plate reads FR, which must means Friggle!

*giggle friggle*






2 Responses to “A Royality Car Visit on the Medieval Market”

  1. wow! I did not know that there are still some of those, like a movie prop! Thanks for sharing Sweetie 😀 ❤

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