Nostalgy & Photography


i have done a few picshures wif some talented photographurs, and will now show you a compilatunnna wif picshures, where the model is good ole meeheeee, but the theme is nostalgy to times gone by… an you can tells me which picshure you wiked the mostest, wight? wight!

1408_nostalgicathe swinging 1920’s

1408_nostalgica1960sgeneration flower power: make wuv not war!

1408_nostalgica1970psychedelicpsychedelic 1970’s

1408_nostalgica1980sthe glamour of the 1980’s

1408_nostalgica1990sindustrial 1990’s

1408_nostalgica2000the IT revolution of the 2000’s

(since we are dating online, we can afford hasing dirty footsies, *giggle*)







2 Responses to “Nostalgy & Photography”

  1. lol! “dirty footsies”, no, it is alright Sweetie and a wonderful post on top of that. So inspirational! ❤ 😀

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