Summers Melancholy in BaBearia’s Auguary


summer ends real quicklies in BaBearia, and so now, Mid-End Auguary we get quite cool temperatures and everything BUT an Indian summer so far. Boo! 


days gones by: muargerites aka giant daisies

dancing in the warm sunlight of summers,

wif meeheee *giggles*

An so, we need to count our blessings, saysing the warm days bu-bye an get preBEARsed for the colder seasons once morer. 


luckilies we can harvest lots of spices an herbs

so we have enuff once its too cold for yardening!

But sometimes there is a ray of sunshine or two getting fru them clouds an rainy days, an then we can have a walk in the yard and enjoy the spoils of end of summers….


sunflower, wots are you doesing to me? 

you are ticklurting my earsies!!!!! *giggle lots*


oh Marigold, how beautimouslies owange you are!


oh you plentifullnesses of garden cornflowers,

spoiling us wif colors galore!!


a sea of red berries! so red it seems like unweal!

but it is just as weal as meheee!

And in a future blogser weal soos, i will tells you morerer about spoils of summers end, the fruit gone and soon to be harvesteds, but thats for latur… well i can gives you a sneak peakser tho now, wight?









One Response to “Summers Melancholy in BaBearia’s Auguary”

  1. lol! “auguary”! 😀 You are wise Sweetie, we have to count our blessings, there is still a lot to enjoy from this late summer. Love you ❤

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