und a motorrrrrrrr-bike!



obviously is a grand time to get them motor-bikes outta their garages and barns, and drive them awound for joy-rides.


an so it is lesser a supwize, i had an opportunitie to poses wif one such adrenalin-pumping machine, during a market day on a street-fair, where i was helpsing vending gem-stones wif muh Daddy. wooksie!


between our booth an car, they parked their Harley ride, and now there are picshures, wif meheee on da side! wight? wight!






3 Responses to “und a motorrrrrrrr-bike!”

  1. wow! almost an antique, isn´t it? You are as always a cutie patootie Sweetie! 😀 ❤

    • it looksed even morer impwessive face to face, well or bear-face to moto-bike *giggle*. it was made looke wike vintage, an the theme was the german empire cross – when you wook closelies, the review mirror an light n stuff. the guy riding it looked a widdle off, or odd but i dont judge.

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