Purple Rain

Peopol, dont worrsie! i have not become a groupie of  ‘ Prince’, an this is not a blogser about his song from the last centuwy

even tho, bof the title an the song does have quite an appeal, wight? wight!

My blogser is inspired by the beauties gallore from the yard and Momma Earth in general, spoiling us with purple mirriculs


crow-kisses in the earlie spwing! magic!!!!


lilac in the latur spwing: fragrant!!!


That would be purple rain right therer, but there is still morer, wooksie!


stupid people call them “weeds” i call them Amazing!


just because we’re tinies, doesnt make us less shinies!


But even the late summer has purple delights to offer, and it is not just candy for the eye!


gweetings fwom the Province en France, errr the back-yards


why they call it RED cabbage, i dont know, it is purple, really!


See how there is a rain of purples all awound, it is pleasing to the eye an nose, an some is even yummie to the tummy. That is how Momma Earth is spoilsing us! wight? wight!







2 Responses to “Purple Rain”

  1. right, they are all beautiful, but the most beautiful is the little orange bear 😛 ❤

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